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Fitness Program

Club Group Cardio


Thirty minutes of spinning, 20 minutes of Pilates exercises and 10 minutes of yoga stretches.

Aqua Fit/Aqua Aerobics

This vigorous and refreshing class combines movements in deep and shallow water for strength, toning and cardiovascular training, using the natural buoyancy and resistance of water.

Body Sculpt

A non-traditional weight-training workout using combination of free weights, body bars and ropes. Class focuses on strength conditioning.

BOSU Total Body Workout*

A complete workout using the BOSU ball!  Improve your balance, core strength and cardiovascular conditioning.  Prepare for a new challenge!

Cardio Fit Jam

Ready to get your heartbeat up? Class combines upbeat and fun dance drills with of easy-to-follow steps. From Broadway songs to the latest Pop hits, you will find let your inner Diva out to shine and dance freely! High impact class for advanced beginners and above.

Core Plus/Core & More!

Define and chisel your core!  This intense 25-minute class focuses on core conditioning and upper body combining balance and strengthening exercises.


Strengthen your cardiovascular capacity and burn maximum with this fun and challenging workout on specially designed stationary bikes. Class combines high intensity sprints and uphill climbs...guaranteed to raise your heart rate! 

Express Conditioning

Short on time?  Get a full body workout in 25 minutes with this intense class that combining strength and sculpt drills.

Fit Ball Challenge*

A fast paced, fun and challenging total body workout using fit balls, resistance bands and weights. Improve posture, balance, and core strength. Excellent cross training for any athletic endeavor.  

H.I.I.T. Cycling

High-intensity interval training will focus on interval training, alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.  Take your ride to a new level and improve your cardiovascular endurance. Intermediate and advanced levels.

In/Out Cardio

A great combination of cardiovascular conditioning with body sculpting using weights. Intervals and circuit training involve outdoor jogging with floor work and stretch. Weather permitting. All levels welcome.

Long Ride*

Pump up your stamina by taking this 75-min class that will bring your regular ride to the next level.

Total Body Challenge

A work out in a fun-filled class that increases your heart rate, burns body fat, and sculpts lean muscles all in one! Using a wide variety of tools, including BOSU, step, free weights, and resistance bands. 

Video Cycle*

Get your spin workout while watching your favorite music videos.  Work at your own pace. Guaranteed to raise your heart rate and make you smile! 

Virtual Cycling

Follow a training video featuring exciting interval workouts, great professional racing footage, fabulous music and clear instructions.

World Rhythms

A joyful workout featuring music and movement taken from all over the world. 

Yin Yang Cardio Interval

Short in time? Spend 25 effective minutes strengthening your heart, mind and muscles.  Class combines drills of high intensity interval training with core stability and balance.    


A Latin inspired cardio-based program combining international music and dance steps that is open to all levels.  Designed for everyone, every shape and age. All exercisers from beginner to advance will enjoy the benefits of a Zumba class.  Bring low tread athletic shoes.  

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