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Self-Defense Class for Teens

Self-Defense Class for Teens

Saturday, April 19th
Club Members: $40
Non-Members: $45

This two and a half hour workshop will prepare young women to live independently.

It is specifically geared towards the young woman whose radius expands drastically as she leaves home to travel, attend college or work.  It provides a repertoire of skills that will help her stay safe, confident and resourceful as she encounters unfamiliar and unexpected situations.  The women will learn basic facts about criminal behavior, how to assess potentially unsafe places, people, and situations, and how to recognize signs of escalation.  They will practice strategies for interrupting harassment, intimidation and violence.  The class will teach and simple, highly effective physical techniques for warding off attackers.  It includes assertiveness role plays and boundary setting exercises.  It will empower women by making them conscious of the skills, resources and choices they are already using every day – and adding a wide range of new possibilities.

About the Instructor:

Christine Schoefer is the co-director of the Self Defense Center at Hand to Hand, a martial arts school in North Oakland that has offered self-defense training for twenty eight years. She holds a first degree black belt in Kajukenbo Kung Fu. She has taught self-defense to various age groups in the Bay Area and in Germany. Her youngest student was 9 years old, her oldest 81.  Currently, she teaches at Mills College.

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