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A state law, which radically changed the design of The Claremont, prohibited the sale of alcohol within a one-mile radius of the University of California. Since the hotel is constructed on the borderline between Berkeley and Oakland, it was assumed to be within the one-mile radius. Thus, it was not allowed to serve liquor. In 1936, The Claremont was one of very few hotels without a bar. This situation changed when a female student at the University began to investigate to see if the building was indeed within the one-mile radius. She and her friends measured the shortest route from the U.C. campus to the front steps and found The Claremont was a few feet over the one-mile radius, meaning a bar could be opened. (It is now called the Paragon Bar & Café). The woman responsible for these findings was awarded free drinks at The Claremont for the rest of her life.

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