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Spa Treat Body Tratments

Lavender Essence

A scrub of lavender infused minerals exfoliates the skin and awakens the senses, followed by a massage with lavender essential oil.
75 minutes

Ayurvedic Holistic Body

Exotic herbs and warm essential oils exfoliate in this ancient Ayurvedic ritual. Deep pressure is applied to marma vital energy points to harmonize and balance body systems.
75 minutes

Mineral Wellness Kur

Lymphatic dry brushing stimulates detoxification, followed by a medium pressure massage with nourishing magnesium and mineral lotion.
75 minutes

Brightening Body Scrub

Exfoliating bamboo, fruit enzymes, and multi-fruit acids are applied with stimulating body buffing techniques to refine texture and brighten skin.
50 minutes

Moor Mud Body Wrap

A detoxifying and re-mineralizing hot mud compress, along with a scalp treatment, facial massage and moisture application.
50 minutes

Aroma Radiance Salt Glow

An exfoliation with Himalayan sea salt, and a moisturizing essential oil wrap with argan oil and rosehip.
50 minutes

Herbal Body Wrap

Linens steamed in fragrant herbs are wrapped around the body to detoxify, moisturize and soften the skin.
25 minutes

Chamomile Body Scrub

A gentle French pumice scrub with chamomile essence exfoliates and leaves the skin silky and vibrant.
25 minutes

Aloe Vera Moisture Wrap

Moisturizing aloe with organic algae and arnica work together to soothe dehydrated skin during this comforting wrap.
25 minutes

Healing Baths

In a personally prepared Jacuzzi tub, choose from an Herbal Krauter Bath, a Multi-Mineral Soak (with magnesium and over 60 minerals and trace elements), or a Vibrant Sea Salt Bath for
a splash of color.
25 minutes

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