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Spa Treat Massages

Many of our massages are also offered side by side as duet services.


Deeply relaxing, long strokes and medium pressure.
Offered 50 minutes or 80 minutes


Your choice of aroma oil is massaged in therapeutic style.
Offered 50 minutes or 80 minutes

Deep Tissue

Targeted release of deep muscle tension and tightness.
Book 80 minutes for full body Deep Tissue.
Offered 50 minutes or 80 minutes


Pressure points along the body’s meridians harmonize energy flow and increase circulation.
Offered 50 minutes or 80 minutes


Combines vigorous strokes, compression, stretches and trigger point therapy to address your specific sports related concerns.
Offered 50 minutes or 80 minutes

Tibetan Sound

Ancient Tibetan bowls are rung during massage to instill a deep sense of well-being and  relaxation.
75 minutes


A special experience for expecting mothers.
50 minutes

Lomi Lomi

Traditional Hawaiian massage using long rhythmic strokes reminiscent of the wind and ocean waves.
80 minutes

Hot Stone

Smooth basalt stones warmed in hot water bring relief to stiff and sore muscles. Cool stones are incorporated when appropriate to restore balance.
75 minutes

Neck & Shoulder

Addresses the areas that most commonly hold stress and tension.
25 minutes


Pressure is applied to points on the feet, which are linked to different areas of the body.
25 minutes

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