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Spa Treat Water Therapy

Pre-Spa Hydrotherapy Ritual

Throughout time and around the world, cultures such as the Greeks, Romans and Japanese have realized the benefits and healing powers of hydrotherapy to the mind, body and soul. Spa Claremont offers the “pre-spa hydrotherapy ritual,” a progressive combination of water-based treatments, to help spa-goers attain maximum benefits of their Spa Claremont experience. This pre-spa ritual is a purposeful journey of warming and detoxifying the body to increase circulation and awareness, designed to intensify the effects of massage and body treatments. “Completing this type of ritual is said to have similar benefits as a 30-minute body massage,” states American Spa magazine. Guests begin by soaking in the whirlpool tub, with expansive views of the San Francisco Bay and skyline, and indulging in the invigorating Deluge shower. This warm water massage stimulates the body to release natural stress reducing endorphins and increase blood circulation. A stop in the eucalyptus-filled steam room clears the head, sinus and nasal passages and refreshes the spirit, promoting clarity of mind. The steam can also relax stiff joints and muscles, deeply cleanse skin, help eliminate toxins and boost the immune system. The hydrotherapy cycle ends in a stimulating shower underneath 10 invigorating showerheads, leaving the skin, muscles and inner soul prepared for the deeper therapy to come.
Avaliable Mon-Thurs only
90 minutes


Herbal "Kräuter" baths have long been a sought after restorative therapy. Our warm, aromatic baths are located in the open hydrotherapy area and are complemented by panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. You may select from the following baths: Pine to invigorate the body, Chamomile to soothe the skin; Melisse to calm and soothe the body; or Wildflowers for aching muscles. NOTE: The Spa has a 50-minute minimum and this service must be combined with at least another 25-minute service.
25 minutes

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